Why Europa?

The Europa was designed with a specific wish list in mind, and has been described as a ‘plane for all pilots’ due to its ease of build and the superlative performance of the finished aeroplane. With hundreds of Europas in flight in many countries worldwide, Europa is the kit plane of choice for beginners and professionals alike. The Europa offers a total performance package - innovative design in both aerodynamics and composite structures means that Europa offers a combination of features that are available in few aircrafts today.

Here are just a few reasons why the Europa XS is at the top of the wish list for homebuilders today:

  • Exceptional Economy. The Europa can be fitted with a number of different engines, although we recommend those from Rotax. The typical fuel consumption of the Rotax 80HP engine at 55% power is 2.2 ImpGal/hr (10 litres/hr), which with a cruise speed of around 100 knots equates to an MPG of 51 (5.5 litres/100 km).
  • Low Noise. This is very much dependent upon the engine / propeller combination. A typical value for the 80HP is 64.4 dBa, for the 100 HP it is 69.4 dBa and for the turbo charged version it is 69.4 dBa. As a comparison, typical noise levels for passenger vehicles are 72 to 74 dBa at 55 mph at a distance of 50 feet.
  • High Speed. Please refer to the specification sheets for detailed figures.
  • High Range. With the 80HP engine fitted the range can be over 1000 statute miles.
  • Generous Useful Load. With two 90 kg (198 lb) people and full fuel you can still manage 15.4 kgs (34.0 lbs) of baggage in the XS Trigear and 32.4 kgs (71.5 lbs) in the XS Monowheel.
  • Sales. The Europa has sold over 1000 kits worldwide.
  • Established Company. Europa Aircraft is well established in the kit plane industry – drawing on many years of expertise and in-house manufacturing.
  • Service. Europa Aircraft is a customer centric company and offers ongoing builder assistance and product support
  • Choice. Choose between the Europa XS Monowheel, Europa XS Trigear or Europa Motorglider.
  • Security. You can store your Europa XS at home and so ensure its security and eliminate hangarage fees.
  • Easy to build. It's easy to build and maintain a Europa XS; many owners have built their aircraft in a garage at home.
  • Mogas. The Europa XS runs on regular Mogas from your local filling station.
  • Build Time. A Europa XS will only take around 1500 hours to build, with additional time for the control surfaces. Europa Aircraft also offers quick build options if you want to be airborne in the shortest possible time.
  • Quick Build Control Surfaces. Europa Aircraft has just released the NG Control Surfaces which cuts down build time by around 180 hours. This is usually the first step in building the Europa XS, and as much of this work is now done by Europa, it means you get flying much quicker.

The Europa is well designed - it's a great performance plane combined with comfort, economy and generous baggage capacity. The whisper-quiet performance ensures that the Europa lives up to it's claim that it's a very environmentally friendly aeroplane; a leader in its class.