Europa LSA (Light Sport Aircraft)

The Europa XS is a two seater side-by-side composite monoplane. It has a range and carrying capacity that makes it ideally suited to touring, and has acquired the reputation of being an extremely enjoyable aircraft to fly.

The Europa LSA doesn’t lose any of the handling characteristics of the Europa XS. Compared to other available LSA planes, it is faster, quicker in the climb, and comparatively economical to run. It is designed to be quickly de-rigged and stored on a trailer in a garage - features that many builders take full advantage of.

The LSA Wing

In order to keep all of the style and functionality of the Europa XS, the Europa LSA’s main difference lies in the wing. The LSA wing will be manufactured from carbon fibre and incorporate a leading edge slot.

The inclusion of the slot and the use of carbon gives a weight reduction of 30% whilst maintaining the same wing area. This design reduces the empty weight to below 600 kgs (1320 lbs) MTOW and slightly increases the payload.

Why Europa LSA?

  • Exceptional economy
  • Ultra quiet Generous
  • useful load
  • Established company
  • Europa community worldwide
  • Fantastic service and support
  • Runs on Mogas
  • Stores on a trailer
  • Choice - available in ABA, ELSA and SLSA
  • Diversity – one plane, three flight experiences