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Swift Technology Group STEM update

Swift Technology Group is proud to sponsor a team of students from UTCN in the Greenpower Education Trust Race. The team will take part in the Norfolk Lotus heat at Hethel Race Track on 8th June 2019.

AMEL, Swifts’ manufacturing arm, has provided hardware for the car – the UTCN team worked closely with members of AMEL to design a number of glass fibre and carbon fibre parts for their race car.  TWF Solutions, the marketing and design company within the group, has also liaised with the team and supplied car decals.

Swift Technology Group is a keen advocate of STEM and several staff members are STEM Ambassadors. Helping to create engineers of the future is currently a main focus for the group, and with the need for a strong engineering workforce in the near future, facilitating these local students with careers in the sector, is a very real prospect.

Swift Technology Group is a technology-focused group of companies working within STEM industries, providing ground-breaking innovative solutions predominately in Aviation, Renewables and Oil & Gas.  The company has invested millions of pounds into Research and Development over the last decade and will soon see its two flagship products launched commercially. The group is based at Scottow Enterprise Park and will be increasing the workforce to over 100 in the next few years. Due to this expansion, the company is looking to the college as a potential supplier of local skilled engineers.

UTCN is a technical college based in Norwich for 14 to 19 year olds. It provides practical skills-based learning and real-world experiences, backed up with a strong academic grounding. Its goal is simple: to provide students with the qualifications they need to go to university or take up skilled employment. With a focus on engineering, science and maths, it aims to help fill the skills-gap in these sectors. Entering into initiatives such as the Green Power Race is testament to this as it allows the students to show off their STEM and creative skills in a practical environment. Swift is working closely with the college on a number of initiatives and look forward to strengthening the relationship even further in the coming months.

Green Power Education trust offers a unique challenge: to design, build and race an electric car. Teams of students aged between 9 and 25 from all over the world compete in events across the globe, with the final taking place at the UK’s Rockingham Motor Speedway.

The goals of Swift are strongly aligned with UTCN and Greenpower; to inspire young people into STEM industries, unlock their potential and kick start lifelong careers. It’s therefore been a pleasure to work alongside these STEM advocates for this project.
On a final note, everyone at Swift would like to wish the UTCN team good luck this weekend, it’s been a pleasure to meet you all and be part of this exciting project.  We will provide an update next week and hope to report a win! 

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