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NOTE # Indicates a mod already included in new kits. Prices   
Mod 33 Installation of water drain valves - drains both sides of fuel tank, includes all necessary hoses and connections. £132.95  
#Mod 42 Installation of cold air inlet plenum chamber. Kit includes NACA duct splash moulding, plenum chamber, air filter, and connecting hardware. For Classic engine installation £292.83  
#Mod 43 Conversion of tailwheel from the original Classic Europa style to the current monowheel tailwheel. This modification greatly improves ground handling. (Includes epoxy resin)


#Mod 43/2 As Mod 43 but excludes epoxy resin. 434.00  
#Mod 47 Extended baggage bay modification. This modification enables Classic Europa fuselages to be converted to incorporate the XS style baggage bay. £940.00  
#Mod 49 This modification adds a second fuel filter so that if the main tank filter becomes blocked, switching to the reserve tank will also switch to a separate filter. £27.40  
#Mod 50 This modification enables Europas with Classic foam wings to be fitted with the XS style underwing pitot/static system. This system gives more accurate airspeed information than the original system with fuselage mounted static ports. £104.46  
Mod 51 This modification prevents wear in the fasteners connecting the landing gear retraction lever to the landing gear mechanism.


#Mod 52 This modification enables Classic Europas to have the maximum gross weight increased from 1300 lb. to 1370 lb. (Includes Mod 74) £549.89  
Mod 53 Long Range fuel tank (for the monowheel only). This modification increases the effective size of the fuel tank by the addition of a subsidiary tank which feeds into the main tank. It provides an extra 35 litres of fuel. Total weight with full fuel 30kg (66 lb). £296.93  
#Mod 54 Cranked control column. The kit includes sleeves to adapt the 1 ¼” bore control column bottom fitting to the 1” diameter cranked columns £135.00  
Mod 55 Monowheel speed kit. This kit provides a possible 9kt increase in speed. It includes flap hinge, outrigger mechanism and wheel, and tailwheel fairings. Total weight is approx. 1.3kg (3lb). £625.00  
Mod 56 Tri-gear speed kit. Tri-gear aircraft should see a 10kt speed increase with all fairings added. The kit includes wheel, flap hinge, and leg fairings. Total weight approx 4.1kg (9lb). £995.00  
#Mod 59 Nose gear shimmy damper. This modification prevents grease from getting on to the friction disc, and improves the anti-shimmy adjustment. £15.75  
Mod 60 Fuel contents gauge. This modification introduces a float type fuel gauge, calibrated to the Europa fuel tank. It indicates 8 equal increments of the ‘main’ tank. Incorporation of this modification can be carried out at any stage, but is easier if completed before fitting the tank to the cockpit module. The kit includes sender, gauge, pre-assembled wiring harness, and all fasteners. £203.24  
# Mod 61 (A) Stall warner. This modification can be fitted to new build kits, or can be retrofitted. The kit contains a light alloy sensor probe, pneumatic lines, quick release connectors, vacuum switch, an 88db piezo electric horn, and pre-assembled wiring harness. Sounding of the horn is triggered by reduced pressure at the wing leading edge at high angles of attack. (new build, wings not yet closed £150.17  
Mod 61 (B) As above, but retrofit - (please state XS or Classic wing) £141.81  
#Mod 62 Replacement of tailplane torque tube drive pins. This modification introduces 3/8” diameter pins in place of the existing ¼” pins; the bearing stress is reduced by 1/3rd, which will tolerate ground loads better than before. £105.70  
Mod 63 Instrument panel fascias. Designed to enable quick and easy access to the back of the instrument panels, a combination of panel fascias can be chosen to suit monowheel or tri-gear aircraft, with either VDO or Flydat instrumentation. The right hand panel may be divided into two separate areas, the upper for avionics, and the lower for pitch trim, propeller and flap controls, avionics master switch and square type circuit breakers. Fasteners are available at extra cost. Flight instrument cut-outs are based on typical instruments, but variations may exist. Instruments can be supplied on request. A limited selection of circuit breakers, switches and lamps are also available on page 10 - see also placards on page 11.

 Monowheel £poa

Trigear £poa

No Holes £poa

Monowheel instrument panel, Aluminium Cut-out IM01M £39.00  
Tri-gear instrument panel, Aluminium Cut-out IM01T £37.00  
Blank panel, Aluminium Cut-out IM01T-NH £27.50  
Blank full depth avionics panel, Aluminium Cut-out IM02B £22.50  
Engine instrument panel (mono/Flydat), Aluminium Cut-out IM03MF £21.00  
Engine instrument panel (mono/VDO), Aluminium Cut-out IM03MV £21.00  
Engine instrument panel (Tri-gear/Flydat), Aluminium Cut-out IM03TF £21.00  
Engine instrument panel (Tri-gear/VDO), Aluminium Cut-out IM03TV £21.00  
Blank short avionics panel, Aluminium Cut-out IM04 £18.50  
Blank short avionics panel (including 52mm hole), Aluminium Cut-out IM04H £18.50  
Control panel - monowheel, Aluminium Cut-out IM05M £21.00  
Control panel - tri-gear, Aluminium Cut-out IM05T £21.00  
Blanking plate for propeller control holes, Aluminium Cut-out IM05B £7.50  
Mod 64 Hi-top fuselage. This Mod increases the available headroom by 50mm (2”). It is incorporated when the top and bottom fuselage sections are joined.


Mod 64B


#Mod 65 Finger brake system. This Mod introduces hand or 'finger' operated main wheel brakes to the trigear aircraft in place of footbrakes currently in use.
#Mod 66 Gas strut repositioning. This Mod moves the gas strut anchor point on the door, reducing the stress on it £184.87  
#Mod 67 Cockpit width increase - This Mod increases the effective internal width of the cockpit, at shoulder height, by 30mm (1.2”). £533.09  
  Also available without Ampreg £468.50  
Mod 68 Electric flap drive for conventional taildragger Europas £374.77  
# Mod 69 Wing Tie down - This Mod (applicable only to XS wings which have not yet been closed) incorporates eyebolt mountings to the wings. £144.47  
Mod 70 MANDATORY - Strengthening of mass balance arm and fittings. TP18 F "butterfly" unit available if cable tensioning is retained.


With TP18F £289.43


Mod 71 Trigear - nose gear bungee replacement by springs £128.95  
#Mod 72 MANDATORY - Undercarriage mounting strengthening. Inspection is mandatory for all Europas delviered before end 2006. Modification applicability depends on engine, engine mounting, and propeller. £39.50  

Tri-gear conversion


A complete set of components to convert a monowheel aircraft to a tri-gear version. The empty weight of the aircraft will be increased by approx. 16Kg (35lb).

Toe Brakes £5000.00

Finger Brakes £5750.00

        Mod 77

This can be applied to both the Trigear and the Monowheel. This modification was developed by Graham Singleton so that the push rod drive to the rudder can be retained, reportedly helping to reduce hinge wear for the monowheel as well as to tidy up the external appearance of the tail for both the Trigear and the Monowheel

Monowheel version:


Trigear version:


   Mod 78 Additional reinforcement to the Motor Glider wing spars. This does not affect XS or Classic standard wings.


(excluding resins £900)

   Mod 79 XS Alternative Fuel Filler System £225.00  
   Mod 80 Classic Top Fuel Filler System £352.25